What we do

Due to the state of our present healthcare system, our assistance recipients are faced with exceedingly large medical bills. Often insurance does not cover many of the treatments, medications and additional medical necessities required to keep children and young adults battling life-threatening illnesses alive.

Additionally, due to our current economic climate many families are faced with the choice of either paying for crucial medical treatments for their children or their ongoing living expenses. Ellie’s Army provides the funds necessary to help increase the chances of survival for these children and young adults battling critical illness while relieving the ongoing stress of not being able to afford the basic necessities of living.

Medical assistance

We help pay for medical bills and insurance co-pays, therapies (i.e. respiratory, physical, occupational), nutritional supplements, and additional medical costs associated with a child or young adult’s specific needs.

Emergency Expenses

We help pay for mortgage, rent and utility bills in an effort to alleviate financial stress for families and provide a safe place for critically-ill children and young adults. Other items we cover include food, clothing, fund relocation and individual emergency expenses as they arise.


In order for many patients to be accepted into a transplant program, they are required to show proof that they have thousands of dollars in liquid assets. We provide these funds in order for children to have access to these life-saving transplants.

Ellie's Fund
at Duke

The purpose of Ellie’s Fund is to provide financial assistance to lung transplant recipients at Duke University Medical Center.

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