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She may be gone,
but her legacy lives on.

Did You Know...?

Without thousands of dollars in liquid assets
a patient will not be accepted into
many life-saving transplant programs.

Ellie’s Army believes that our children’s survival
should not depend upon money!

Medical Assistance

We help pay for medical bills, co-pays, therapies, nutritional supplements and other additional medical costs for critically-ill children and young adults.

Emergency Expenses

We also help pay for mortgage and electricity bills, food, diapers, clothing and more to alleviate financial stress for families with critically-ill children and young adults.

Ellie's Fund

The purpose of Ellie’s Fund at Duke University is to provide financial assistance to cystic fibrosis patients and their families.

Watch the Video to Learn About Ellie

This video chronicles the celebration of Ellie Levy’s battle against cystic fibrosis and her fight to survive two back-to-back, double lung transplants. Ellie was a warrior and wanted to help others with life-threatening illnesses.

Ellie’s Army Foundation does just that. In an effort to support others with critical illnesses, we started Ellie’s Fund, which provides financial assistance to lung transplant recipients at Duke University Medical Center.

How We Use Donations

Ellie's Army Foundation always seeks to be as transparent about what your donations are applied to, and primarily spend our funds directly on helping those who need it the most.

Ellie’s Army needs you! Join the Army and fight for critically-ill children and young adults.

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